What is Shamanic Healing?

10 Ways It Can Benefit You

Shamanic healing is a practice rooted in ancient traditions found in various indigenous cultures around the world. It is a powerful transformation of the spirit and soul that restores your power, well-being and vitality. Shamanic healing involves utilizing ancient wisdom and practices to address physical, emotional, and spiritual issues. These practices include intentional rituals and ceremonies, which vary according to custom, culture, and shamanic practitioner as well as the type of healing that is sought. Fortunately, Shamanic healing is making a comeback in our modern-day way of life and certified practitioners can be found in many places, and is becoming more common as an effective way of healing and transformation. 

Innate Wisdom provides powerful shamanic sessions and healing, as I am a Certified Shamanic Practitioner – in the lineage of practitioners of Sandra Ingerman and Michael Harner. 

Shamanic ceremonies can include methods such as guided visualization, meditation, chanting, shamanic drumming,  journeying, smudging, energy healing and so forth.  The sessions are often adaptive to the particular individual receiving the healing. Regardless, the focus always remains on healing of the mind-body-spirit, addressing the interconnectedness of all three. Shamanic Healing restores balance and well-being by addressing the root causes of unconscious stuck energy, blockages and intrusions, that so often people are unaware of. 

10 Benefits of Shamanic Healing

1) Holistic Healing: Addresses physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects.
2) Stress Reduction: Promotes relaxation and reduces anxiety.
3) Emotional Release: Facilitates processing and release of pent-up emotions.
4) Energy Balancing: Clears blockages and restores energetic flow.
5) Inner Peace: Cultivates a sense of calm and inner harmony.
6) Personal Growth: Supports self-discovery and spiritual evolution.
7) Pain Management: Offers alternative approaches for chronic pain relief.
8) Trauma Healing: Helps in processing and integrating traumatic experiences.
9) Increased Awareness: Enhances mindfulness and intuitive abilities.
10) Connection to Spirit: Fosters a deeper connection with the spirit world and intuition.

shamanic healing
shamanic healing

How do I know if Shamanic Healing is right for me?

If you’re searching for healing but do not know where to turn, then this is a powerful and unique way to dive deep into holistic healing.

Shamanic healing is a holistic method that addresses your body, mind, and spirit naturally, and can catapult internal transformation. Whether you’re feeling burnt out and stressed, physically or emotionally unwell, dealing with chronic issues or trauma, and looking to heal, or try something new – everyone can benefit from shamanic healing.

We all have blocked energies that need to be cleared. It is a relaxing, unobtrusive experience, and offers a wide range of benefits.  The results can be profound. 

To explore further, contact myself, Trace, directly via email with any questions. I offer four different Shamanic Healing Sessions to choose from: Power Animal Retrieval, Extraction, Soul Retrieval, and Soul Remembering. They are explained in detail here. You can book a one hour Shamanic Healing Session directly  here.

Learn more about myself and my journey here.  Look forward to hearing from you.

In spirit and healing,
Your Healing Coach & MindBodySpirit Practitioner

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