Shamanic Healing

Ancient traditional practices that have been cultivated for centuries across the globe to heal your spirit and body.

Shamanic healing is powerful transformation of the spirit and soul that restores your power, and your vitality.

Power Animal Retrieval

A power animal is a very power-full helping spirit that appears in animal form that agrees to come back and help a particular person in their life.

A power animal provides a power-full body that resists the intrusion of external forces. It increases one’s physical energy and mental alertness and self confidence. Being power-full is like having a force field in and around you. The power animal is a powerful protector and aid.

It is a process connecting with deep ancient wisdom, that has been practiced for thousands of years. It’s a very important shamanic healing practice, even though it’s a quite simple process.

shamanic healing
shamanic healing

Soul Retrieval

A Soul Retrieval re-captures parts of your soul, your vital essence that has been lost.

Soul loss is is an adaptive strategy to trauma. Whenever you experience trauma, a part of your soul leaves your body as it is the most intelligent way to cope with the full impact and escape the full weight of the pain, at that time. Most of us have soul loss, which often causes ill health or dis-ease.

Often, a soul loss helps us survive an unimaginable experience

Soul retrieval is unique compared to other modalities, including psychotherapy, which works only on the parts of us that are ‘home’. If vital essence has fled, there must be a spiritual practice to bring it back.

The purpose of a soul retrieval is to heal the fragmentation, dissociation and to bring you back wholeness, and vitality. Pure essence is returned.


Extractions in shamanic healing is the removal of displaced or stuck energy, called intrusions. This is energy that does not belong in the body and often weighs you down and hinders you from leading a healthy, fruitful life. Intrusions can cause mental or physical illness.

E-motions are ‘energy in motion’, however, they often get stuck in our bodies, and don’t actually move. The body remembers and stores them, from as far back as childhood.

These stuck e-motions – anything from stress, anger, sadness, etc. – intrude on your all around wellbeing, often unknowingly.

Extraction ceremonies are a powerful way to release energy intrusions – helping spirits guide shamanic practitioners to see any energy that does not belong and extract it by pulling the intrusion out of the person’s body.

shamanic healing sessions - an extraction
shamanic healing

Soul Remembering

Soul Remembering is a method of retrieval  that allows the shamanic practitioner to connect with your purpose on earth. The intent is to help you remember why you came to this plane, and what you want to experience.

This can be very profound and healing for some , and can potentially change the course of your life.

With each session, the spirits guide me towards the shamanic healing that your soul is beckoning.​

4 Types of Shamanic Healing

Frequently Asked Q's

There are no wrong choices. Feel into your intuition, to sense which one is calling you to begin with. They all provide healing. And there’s always opportunity to follow suit with the other ones when they call.

Whether it is in-person or long distance, as the client you simply lay down, relax and open yourself up to the experience. It’s a good idea to set an intention beforehand – if there’s something you’ve been wanting to work through, or get rid of, this is the time to ask the spirits and pray

The short answer is: it depends. Depends on which ceremony you had, on each individual, and what you were needing.

Your experience will generally be subtle and gentle. Sometimes after the ceremony more intense feelings can surface. Every person has their own unique wisdom come forth depending on where they are at in life, what they currently dealing with, etc. One’s emotions and awareness can vary tremendously. Trust the process.

I took the 1-Year Shamanic Initiation training under the guidance and teachings of Elaine Hyde (StarstoSea) and Daniel Leonard (Medicine Circle). The process was very intense and transformative as I was required to experience as well as perform all theses ceremonies in a short time. I came out of the training as a Certified Shamanic Practitioner.

I pay homage to the lineage of shamanic practitioners/teachers starting with the pioneer who brought Shamanism to the west in the 1950’s Michael Harner (the Shaman’s Way). He taught Sandra Ingerman, who taught my teacher Daniel Leonard; so I am 4th in the lineage. I humbly acknowledge all those before us that carried these teachings and wisdom in various cultures worldwide. Thank you.

I also worked at a spiritual retreat in Ecuador where I practiced with Ecuadorian shamans, assisting in plant medicine ceremonies and sweat lodges.

Yes integration is crucial. Integration is taking time for self-care and introspection through rest, writing, seeking nature, self-inquiry, meditation, embodiment, support, etc.  This helps to transform the unseen healing of the session into valuable insight.

It is important to acknowledge whatever is coming up and keep it moving. It is a process of making sense of your experience, internalizing and gradually managing your insights to ideally make a long lasting positive change in your life.

Your integration can continue for weeks, months and even years depending on the depth of your experience. Some information might keep come to you in your dreams or more obviously in the day to day life.

Yes, they are safe. Trace creates a safe, sacred container for the client and spirits. However, clients must refrain from alcohol, drugs and cannabis the day before the sessions, the day of, and the full day after. These ceremonies are not suitable for those intoxicated. Those who suffer severe mental illness, please consult your physician first.

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I respectfully and humbly acknowledge that I reside and work in the unceded territory of K’omoks First Nation (Sathloot, Sasitla, Leeksun, Puntledge, Cha’chae, and Tat’poos). Thank you.

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