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“I experienced tremendous relief, and I am extremely grateful for our time together. My symptoms started subsiding even after our first session and have continued that way. You helped me understand the mind- body connection, and gave me tools to overcome the symptoms.

I felt very comfortable and heard, and at ease during every single session. Trace, you have a very calming way about you that made me always look forward to our sessions together. I always came out of those sessions feeling so much better. I think just being seen and understood is huge in helping a person through situations like this. It can be such a lonely journey. And I always felt that you heard me, you listened and never made me feel silly, or like my symptoms weren’t real or anything like that. You validated what I was going through and really helped me.

I am actually quite amazed at how much better I am after the four sessions with you.
I don’t have the fear and hopelessness that I felt prior to my sessions with you. I almost feel like I gained a new perspective on my life! You taught me how powerful my brain is in contributing to my symptoms, and I have tools now to move through my emotions and symptoms and get to the other side. And I really believe just having HOPE has had an extremely positive effect on my whole outlook.”

CAROL – Retired Nurse | MINNESOTA, U.S.A.

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“Working with Trace was incredible! She’s super knowledgable and provided me with a lot of education around chronic pain and how emotions can get stuck in the body, as well as a lot of useful tools and resources. It has been an amazing journey with her and I would recommend her to everyone who wants to know more about this type of healing. She deeply cares about her clients and she’s so relatable and easy to talk to. Will always be so grateful for our sessions together!”

NADIA – Graphic Designer | IRELAND

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“Working with Trace was a wonderful experience. She created a supportive environment where I felt genuinely acknowledged and understood. Trace’s wealth of knowledge and the valuable insights she shared, along with helpful resources, greatly aided me on my journey. She emphasized the importance of self-love and compassion, reminding me that everything I need is within. Trace instilled confidence in my ability to trust myself, my intuition, and my capacity to heal. I am so grateful that our paths crossed.”



“I really enjoyed the session with Trace, I found her to be so friendly and genuine, and I felt that we just ‘clicked’ straight away. I felt so uplifted and excited after our session, and so motivated. I was a little nervous about that first session, but I was very much put at ease. She was so friendly and approachable. Trace communicated to me so well. She was fanstastic, I felt so comfortable and listened to! Trace was supportive when I spoke about personal things! I felt like I could trust Trace with all that I was saying! I am very much looking forward to more coaching in the future. Trace helped me to gain self-awareness and understanding about some struggles.”
“This was a good experience for me. It was the right balance of talking, listening, learning, and practicing for me to make appreciable gains in my happiness over the course of four sessions, and some improvement in my sense of meaning. She let me speak freely without cutting me off. I did not feel rushed. I felt that she was genuinely interested in what I had to say and that we were engaged in a real conversation. I appreciated her relaxed professionalism and friendly demeanour. Talking to Trace made me see these things clearly and helped me to reorient how I take on the challenge of finding meaning and purpose. ”
“We struggle within ourselves and to have someone help guide you is so helpful. I came into not knowing much and left with a different perspective on my life. She made me feel comfortable and heard. It was nice to have that person to confide in every week, and having that validation of I am doing ok, and I am moving in the path I want to.”
“My appointment with Trace was a great experience. Trace was friendly, easy to talk to and made me feel comfortable. I felt relaxed and comfortable to talk to Trace about my current stress that I have been going through. There was no awkardness and the session flowed well. I felt listened to and understood. I have implemented the ideas and it has been going well.”

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“Trace, without gushing, was amazing. The lessons taught to me and the ideas we explored together has given me new perspective in the way I handle the areas I struggle. She met me with radical acceptance and kindness and was gentle in her approach. She did a great job with gauging where I was at and how far she could challenge me. She never made me feel like my ‘tangents’ (which my ADHD brain had to use in order to provide relevant context) were irrelevant or invaluable and when I did get off track she always found a way to bring it back to the goals we had.

Trace was relaxed and fostered an inviting environment that instantly made me feel like I could trust her with my struggles and (what I perceived as) defects. Her nurturing tone made me feel safe and I knew early on that I could be honest, open and vulnerable.

I felt safe…which ironically is one of the words and ideas that she and I explored. It was a word that I could not use without feeling strong and reactive emotions. (Thank you Trace). I felt validated – we explored the word crazy, which I used often to invalidate my own feelings and experiences. I felt like I was in control of how I could move forward, in a life that I had very little control of. I felt hopeful that the areas I wished to improve where not outside of my reach.

Trace was organized and professional, but not in a conventional sense. I did not feel like I was in a DR’s office with a clinical team, and that was a great advantage to my scenario. I do not believe that Trace would have had as large of an impact if they would have presented as a ‘professional’ in an office.

I am indebted to Trace for walking beside me in my journey. At no point did she ever make me feel like my concerns were irrational, and if I felt they were she would challenge me with radical acceptance, asking why. My experience with Trace catapulted some positive changes in my life financially, relationally, physically and mentally. I’m not sure I could ever fully present the impacts that were made with her help.

I liked the accountability and the relationship. Because Trace got to know me, she started to present the right questions and we were able to explore that I have a large fear that if I don’t give 120% that people won’t like me….which led to won’t need me….which led to opening up the floodgates of my fear of abandonment. While not perfect I can say that this realization has absolutely changed my perspective for the good. Thank you Trace.”


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“Working with Trace has been a transformational experience. I came into the coaching sessions being very down on myself and lost in my stories, but Trace helped me see that I also have lots of good qualities and successes, and by reframing my stories and focusing on small manageable steps I’ve been able to make changes and feel more confident and empowered to carry on.

I think one of the biggest take-aways is being asked to focus on the positives too, as with coaching we obviously come with a problem / something we want to change and feel negative about it. But recognising that I also have lots of good qualities too and that as humans we can’t be ‘perfect’ in every area of our lives has taken a weight off.  I actually accept that I’m not someone who likes cleaning and rather than feeling like a ‘bad adult’ because of that, or that I’m not as good as other people, I recognise that I have other qualities and ways I like to spend my time, and that’s ok. I have still made some improvements though and will continue to do so, but I’m taking them as small steps and not doing it from a place of shame, which is much more empowering.

Another take-away is making sure I have reframes for the stories I’m so used to thinking and having them written down or practising bringing them to mind when I notice I’m getting lost in the negative / worrying. I definitely recognise that I need to feed my brain daily with positive / empowering things. Trace held space for me, asked great questions and held me accountable. If you are looking for a knowledgeable, grounded and empowering coach, I highly recommend working with Trace. Thanks for all your support, insight and guidance during this journey, you’re a great coach!”


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“Trace is personable, honest, resourceful, open-minded, non-judgmental, empathic, professional, and validating. Her striving for continuous learning brings so many resources and information to the table. She is wonderful at explaining concepts in alternative ways to ensure it resonates with the client. Her advice is achievable, attainable, and sustainable. It is great to have her on your team to celebrate the small wins and bounce ideas/concepts off of. Personally, I have tried so many traditional, and alternative solutions with little success. Trace was exceptional at explaining concepts to me to initiate more understanding and actually create the lasting changes I needed. I look forward to working with her more in the future!”



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