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Compassionate & Effective Approach to Chronic Pain & Symptoms Recovery

Healing & Wellness: MindBody Coaching

Providing a safe & non-judgmental space.
Delivering guidance towards self-empowerment, healing (not only treatment), heart-centered change, hope and freedom.

Chronic Pain & Symptoms Recovery Program

ESSENTIALS Package | 6 Sessions

Great option to learn the basics of MindBody Syndrome and why you're suffering, walking away with some potent tools and practices with obvious results.

  • 6 x 75 minute weekly sessions
  • 1:1 Personal, Customized sessions
  • Pain Neuroscience education
  • 1 SOS Email check-in per week by client
  • Self-empowerment Tools (it’s a game-changer)
  • MindBody Syndome education which applies to most chronic conditions (book a connection call to learn more)
  • Nervous System Regulation
  • Evidence-backed therapies including Pain Reprocessing Therapy (PRT) & EAET, and more
  • Proven results (check out the testimonials here)
  • Weekly prescribed ‘Self-Work’ including tools, exercises and practices that will empower your growth and healing
  • Relatabiilty & Accountability
  • Client-centered
  • Virtual or in-person (if local to Comox Valley, BC, Canada)

Most Popular!

Chronic Pain & Symptoms Recovery Program

AGENCY Package | 12 Sessions

Best option to dive deep into self-practices and self-empowerment and maintain healing and accountability long after our time together.

Everything included in Essentials Package and:

  • 6 more x 75 minute weekly sessions (12 in total)
  • EFT Tapping
  • Positive Intelligence (PQ) Assessmenet
  • Curable MindBody App: 6 weeks complimentary subscription
  • Write-Away ™ (therapeutic writing practices)
  • Limiting Beliefs Exploration & Practices
  • Custom ‘Innate Wisdom’ Journal delivered/mailed right to you (shipping within Canada included, International shipping is extra)

CPR Follow-up

LIFT Package | 4 Sessions

Continued mentorship, support and accountability available after Chronic Pain & Symptoms Recovery program is completed. ​

  • 4 x 60 minute sessions
  • Superb affordable investment for maintaining professional support and guidance
  • Schedule each session with Trace as needed (must be used within 6 months from purchase)
  • Continued accountability
  • Ongoing safe, confidential space to share and be seen
  • Virtual or in-person (if local to Comox Valley, BC, Canada)

CPR Follow-up

Individual Wellness Coaching Sessions​

Solo sessions for continued support and accountability available after Chronic Pain & Symptoms Recovery program is completed. ​

  • Individual 60 minute session
  • Available to book whenever is needed
  • Continued accountability as needed
  • Virtual or in-person (if local to Comox Valley, BC, Canada)


1:1 Personal, Customized sessions
Virtual or in-person (if local to Comox Valley, BC, Canada)


Firsthand account of Trace’s journey from diagnosis to healing.
Compassion listening & understanding.
Acknowledgment of your medical trauma and hardships.
Trace has been through it.

Write-Away ™
Mindfulness & mindset tools
Brain Hacks
Powerful Infographics & Diagrams

Nervous System Regulation
Emotional Regulation
Limiting Beliefs Exploration

Brain-Pain Education (extensive)
Pain Reprocessing Therapy (PRT)
Emotional Awareness & Expression Therapy (EAET)
Neuro-circuit Training
Provocative Testing

Professional leadership and guidance
Weekly prescribed self-work including tools, exercises and practices that will empower your growth and healing

Educational videos and online resources
MindBody Healing podcasts
Curable App

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Innate Wisdom offers a combination of transformational support for MindBodySpirit Healing.

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Wellness Coaching for Chronic Conditions

Chronic conditions are very often MBS and caused by our over-reactive nervous system and brain. Good health is created from a healthy and nourished mind, body and spirit. It is essential to feed our bodies nutritious, wholesome food, nourish our skin with healthy, non-toxic products, feed our mind with positivity, gratitude & compassion, nurture our spirits & souls with community, support and love.

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Brain Training

All pain starts in your brain. All pain is 100% REAL. Pain is a decision made by the brain to protect us from danger - often repressed, unconscious e-motions. Trace will educate you, and bring new fresh understanding to your chronic symptoms, leading you to profound internal shifts and healing.

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MindBody Mentorship

Mind & Body are connected, you cannot heal one without the other. Your chronic symptoms are linked to your mind and brain. This scientifically proven now, and not to be ignored or dismissed - it is crucial to you healing your dis-ease. Trace will guide you with her expertise and knowledge from her firsthand healing journey with MindBody tools, and resources, coming from a place of deep compassion.

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Ancient Shamanic Healing

Trace is a certified Shamanic Practioner offering Soul Retrievals , Power Animal Retrievals, Extractions, & Soul Rememberings. These are ceremonies working the body and spirit energetically, similar to Reiki. They are extremely powerful healing the soul and spirit from trauma and imbalances.

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Why Choose Innate Wisdom:

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Integrity & Heart of Gold

Trace is a remarkable breed. Her presence and listening skills are undivided, and combined with her deep empathy, high sensitivity & intuition - priceless. This allows her to create a customized experience with personalized solutions and tools, with integrity and deep care. Trace is an avid learner, her personal studies spans decades, and continues for her own well-being and that of her clients. A student of life!

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Combination of Unique Offerings

Trace is rare with her expertise and life experience, where she is able to offer and combine such unique specializations in one experience: Healing & Wellness Coaching, MindBody Mentoring & Shamanic Healing & Psychedelic Sacred Plant Medicine Mentorship. Read above for more info.

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Clients' Praise

“Trace is brilliant! I would 100% recommend her service… she created a space where I could assess my needs, desires and struggles while also learning self-worth and value. I am forever grateful for Trace; my life has - without exaggeration - been transformed. Thank you!” -Cass. Check out the 'Praise' page for more quoted testimonials from beloved past clients.

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Transformational & Affordable

Your chronic symptoms will get better. Healing will occur, if you step into your power. Trace brings a lifetime of expertise and her own personal healing journey. Your outcomes will last and you will have your life back. The monetary investment is very reasonable for the value. It's up to you to make the leap & invest in yourself.

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I respectfully and humbly acknowledge that I reside and work in the unceded territory of K’omoks First Nation (Sathloot, Sasitla, Leeksun, Puntledge, Cha’chae, and Tat’poos). Thank you.

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