How to Live a HAPPY LIFE without Chronic Pain!


Hey there, fellow explorers of well-being! Today, we’re diving into the nitty-gritty truths about pain – do you know what causes chronic pain? Truly? You may be surprised. It’s impossible to find relief from it, if you don’t understand the cause. And how on earth can you live a happy life, if you are suffering from chronic pain? You can’t!  So, grab a seat and let’s unravel the mysteries of pain together.  By understanding and respecting these 8 TRUTHS,  we pave the way for a more compassionate and effective approach to pain management. As a dedicated mind-body practitioner, I am excited to share these with you – they will hopefully transform the way you perceive and manage pain.

1) Knowledge Gives You Power

Educating yourself about pain isn’t just a bonus – it’s a legitimate form of treatment called ‘Brain-Pain Education’. For real. Understanding pain empowers you to navigate its complexities (though it actually more simple than you think). This will enable informed decisions and effective strategies for pain management, so you can take charge of your well-being.

2) All Pain is Real

Let’s clear the air – your pain is no figment of your imagination. It’s as real as you feel it. In the realm of mind and body, there’s no room for dismissing pain. Every sensation is valid and real, even if its origin isn’t immediately apparent. I know many people suffering from chronic pain have been dismissed by doctors, which is harmful!  YOU know your body!  There is indeed pain. 

3) Pain is Triggered by 2 Causes

Tissue Damage and Injury:

Often injuries result in pain, though not all – highlighting the intricate nature of pain perception. It’s not solely about the physical damage but how the brain interprets and responds to it. You burn your hand, you will feel pain to tell you to remove your hand from the heat.

It’s like your body’s alarm system – sometimes it rings, and sometimes it has something more important to be concerned about.

Conditioned Response > Neural Pathways:

Your brain can be a bit of a drama queen, creating pain where there’s no obvious reason. It’s like a smoke alarm – it’s too senstive and  goes off from a false alarm. Unconsciously,  our brains can link pain to specific situations – old ones, making it ‘sensitive’ and  creating a conditioned response. Recognizing and addressing these associations is key to breaking free from chronic pain patterns.

4) Pain is Designed to Protect

Pain is designed to help, guide, and keep you safe – it’s your body’s way of playing superhero. It signals potential harm (unconsciously) and prompts protective actions. For example, if visiting your family is toxic and stressful, your body will create a divergent stopping you from visiting because your danger signal is going off – You may become sick, throw your back out, get a migraine, could be absolutely anything that stops you from being able to go.  The mind-body connection is that smart!  

chronic pain relief

The mind-body connection is undeniable. Emotional and psychological factors play a significant role in pain perception. Exploring the emotional landscape surrounding pain opens doors to comprehensive healing.

holistic pain solutions

5) Pain is not just a Physical Experience

Sometimes it is neural pathways conditioned to create pain unnecessarily, especially with chronic pain. For instance, a person with back pain begins to fear chairs because sitting hurts – that only perpetuates the pain-fear cycle with a false danger signal.  The chair doesn’t cause the pain, it’s the perception of it. 

On the contrary, if you are running from a roaring lion, and you trip and break your ankle – will you get up and keep running? You betcha! Because your life depends on it, and you won’t feel the pain. Your brain makes this call! In those split seconds, your body is making decisions like a superhero in slow motion. It’s a precise, split-second decision-making process happening at warp speed. If you are out for a run and break your ankle, you certainly will stop immediately, because that is the impending danger.

Creating a relationship with this protective aspect of pain through our brain, can reshape our relationship with pain, fostering a more constructive response.

6) ALL Pain Originates in the Brain

Your brain, the epicenter of your experiences, is the control center. Got a broken arm? Your brain got a memo from the arm’s little messengers (nociceptors) saying, “Hey, something’s wrong in the arm!” It then shoots back a signal saying, “Arm, start hurting!” Arm hurts to protect it from further damage.

By recognizing that pain is a brain-driven phenomenon, we gain insight into the complexity of its origins and potential avenues for intervention.

7) Pain is an Opinion, not a Fact

Your brain is the ultimate judge and jury of pain. It decides how much pain you feel in the moment, all in the name of survival and protection. As the lion example above demonstrates.

Like any opinion, pain can be influenced by various factors, including beliefs, experiences, and context. Understanding pain as a subjective experience invites us to explore the narratives we attach to it and reshape those narratives for healing.

8) To Address Pain, You must Treat the Brain

Want to tackle pain head-on? You gotta talk to the boss – your brain. Treating pain means understanding and working with the brain’s opinions and decisions. It’s like negotiating with your body’s CEO for a pain-free contract.

In other words, true healing requires a holistic approach nurturing the brain’s activities and responses that will alleviate chronic physical symptoms, almost all the time – with the right tools, knowledge, guidance and effort. There are countless recovery stories.

So there you have it, the truths about pain.  Armed with these insights, you’re not just a passive participant – you’re the hero of your pain saga! Yes!

Let’s navigate this journey together, armed with knowledge, a sprinkle of humor, and the power to kick pain to the curb. I invite you to embark on a transformative journey..with me.

Do you have any pain stories or insights to share? Drop them in the comments below, and let’s build a community of pain-busting warriors. Here’s to a pain-free adventure ahead!

May your journey be one of healing, understanding, and empowerment.

With love & care, Trace
Your Healing Coach & MindBodySpirit Practitioner

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