How I Cured my Raynaud's Naturally After 5 Years of Suffering!

Living with Raynaud’s for five years felt like an endless battle. Doctors offered little hope, insisting there was no cure.

However, my journey to healing took a transformative turn when I learned about MindBody Syndrome (MBS) also called TMS, which is originally the dedicated work of Dr. Sarno, a mind-body medicine pioneer. Today, I want to share my empowering story of how I cured my Raynaud’s in the hopes that it inspires others facing similar challenges.

I remember clearly March 2018 sitting in my living room, noticing my one ring finger was completely white.

Then it happened again a few weeks later and continued every now and again. It was minor and didn’t affect me so I didn’t pay any attention to it. Until the autumn came, and more fingers would go white, or blue or purple, and now numb.  This progressed, or shall I say worsened over the course of time. The first year, I didn’t have a name for it or an understanding.  

A couple years later, I now knew these symptoms to be called Raynaud’s, and they were affecting my daily life, including work (my gardening business) and pleasure (outside events were now dreadful and I avoided them), not to mention my mental health. I was worried, fearful, and felt very alone, as no one could understand.

How I Cured my Raynaud's showing different phases

In 2019, I was also diagnosed with an autoimmune dis-ease, one not for the faint hearted.

Doctors for years were unsure which autoimmune my symptoms fit into, and by process of elimination came up with Scleroderma. I was alone when I received the news at the doc’s and the fear they instill is real….Yet not helpful whatsoever.  I went home and of course researched on the web to better understand this dis-ease, and the results were dreadful. It sent me into frightened despair. I do not recommend anyone do the ‘ol online search. Everyone’s biology and circumstance is completely different. We cannot compare other’s experiences to our own, even though the medical regime does it all the time – for example, Doc says, “You have 30% chance of recovery based on historical records of patients”. No! If you believe you can heal, you can! 

The placebo effect is very real! The power of the mind is extremely potent! The potential to heal is within everyone!

I do not subscribe to the autoimmune diagnosis anymore, as my symptoms shifted, as well as my understanding. Also, diagnoses almost always come with prognoses that often create fear, which is a hindrance to our belief & mindset around the potential to heal.

Going back, to 2020, my Raynaud’s continued to worsen. I was determined to get to the root cause of these mysterious symptoms. I knew my body was speaking and trying to get my attention but I had no idea what it was saying.
how I cured my Raynaud’s using the MindBody as an integrated connection

I ended up with a digital (finger) ulcer and a bone infection on my middle finger.  Not pleasant to say the least – the pain was indescribable. Options were limited, so I was considering surgery for my finger.  It was an overwhelming time for me. To add, it was shocking as a plastic surgeon nonchalantly suggested he could cut my whole finger off, and I announced,  “I like my finger! Only cut the tip off where the bone infection is.”  Medical trauma is all too real. I think most people, if not all, who have sought medical ‘help’ for an ongoing issue have unfortunately been traumatized. It’s very sad. Our medical system is built on fear. One cannot heal when they are in fear.

The first successful step with how I cured my Raynaud’s was accepting my condition without resigning to it – meaning not fearing it.

How I Cured my Raynaud's depicting emotional roots including fear, anxiety, repression

Instead of viewing Raynaud’s as an insurmountable obstacle, I explored the mind-body connection.

Meditation, breathing exercises, writing, and mindfulness became my allies. Somatic tracking played a pivotal role in my recovery – it was my “a-ha” moment of true understanding.   E-motional regulation and learning how to express my e-motions were crucial.  A lifetime of supressed e-motions were playing havoc on my system, and my body was literally speaking to me through Raynaud’s, in my case.  

I was never interested in merely treating symptoms, and it wasn’t until I truly understood the complexity yet simplicity of the MindBody connection and MindBody Syndrome (MBS) that I delved into understanding the root causes of my Raynaud’s, and any other chronic symptoms.

Paying attention to how stress, fear, resistance, and emotions affected my body allowed me to understand the inner workings of healing, and be empowered to tap into my body’s innate ability to heal. Through self-discovery, I identified triggers and learned to respond proactively, hence how I cured my Raynaud’s.

After five years of suffering and being told there was no cure, I stand (alongside many others) as living proof that natural healing is possible. By understanding and embracing MBS / TMS,  and making holistic lifestyle changes including psychosomatic practices & exploration, and nervous system regulation, I transformed my Raynaud’s symptoms. I also boosted my overall well-being and potential. My journey is a testament to the incredible healing power within each of us when we approach health with a holistic and empowered approach. Everyone is capable of vitality, if you are willing!

In health  & healing,
Trace, Your Health Strategist & MindBodySpirit Practitioner


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