4 Weeks | Starting March 26, 2024 | EMPOWERMENT SERIES

healing circle, chronic pain support groups

The ‘Empowerment’ Series.
Women’s circle meets group coaching meets support group.

For those longing for group support and connection and healing – bringing a new innovative, research-backed approach.

In this Healing Circle be prepared to share, learn, connect, and to be free to explore the experience.


  • You’re experiencing chronic stress, chronic symptoms/pain, big or small (physically or mentally) and feel in despair.
You feel alone or isolated in your situation.

  • You feel uncared for and unsupported emotionally and mentally.
  • You yearn for connection
Life and its struggles feels too much and overwhelming. 

  • You are ready for heart-centered change. 

  • You have never been to a women’s circle, and haven’t experienced the power of it.

  • You have been to a women’s circle and have experienced the power of it.


  • For a new way to heal and be supported.

  • For a deeper self awareness and connection within yourself. 

  • To not be afraid of your health issues, and be empowered by them instead. 

  • For connection and sisterhood.

  • To be seen and to be vulnerable but… you’re scared and nervous (all of us are, trust me).
To be brave.

Tune into my blog/newsletters explaining the potency of women circles:

‘The Power of Women’s Circles’
‘Putting Everyone First except Yourself’
‘The Full details!’

~ Start out as strangers and complete the series as friends ~

~ We will get to know each other through sharing, exercises, practices. I will guide you through new information and we will cultivate a new perspective towards healing and hope ~

women's circle


Register by March 10, 2024:
Free ($30 deposit required to hold spot, returned upon completion)
Optional: Donation to Comox Valley  Transition Society (or your local women’s shelter) in celebration of International Women’s Day!

Register after March 10, 2024:
Investment is $80-$120 (sliding scale) for the 4-weeks

Direct inquiries and payment to:

Starting March 26, 2024

Location:  Online via Zoom
When: Starting on March 26, 2024, just after on the Full Moon 🌕
Duration: 4 Weeks: March 26, April 2, 9, 16

Two times to choose:

1. Tuesdays 430pm-6pm (pacific time)

2. Tuesdays 930 am-11am (pacific time)


  • Healing. Hope. Heart-centered Change.
  • New connections. New wisdom. New tools.
  • Fresh perspective. Fresh start. 

  • New Confidence & Self Love. 

  • Renewal
  • Feeling seen and heard
  • Empowerment

This is NOT For You if.. 

  • You are not ready to replace fear with curiosity. 

  • You are not prepared to be kind, respectful and non-judgmental to others and yourself in circle.
You are not ready to take radical responsibility for your physical and mental health.

  • You are in victim mentality.

This is not a trauma-bonding group, this group is for intentional support, cultivating new perspectives, and new beginnings.

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