How to get Natural pain Relief for Chronic Pain: Using Your Brain

Chronic pain is created by the brain & the nervous system, which are the governing powers for everything happening in your body – for your health, for your energy levels, for your mood, for your genes.

Genes change based on our environment – this is called epigenetics.  There is now evidence that we are in fact, not victims of our genes. The perception of our environment is what controls our genes. We are the ones who can change our environment, by changing our perceptions of our environment – and therefore, our reaction and responses to it.
In other words, Epigenetics, has proven with research, these cellular messaging systems – the brain and nervous system – are what determines what genes get turned on or off, and whether your genes get repaired or if they deteriorate.  If you are constantly reacting with fear, which is understandable – fearing your pain, fearing your symptoms, then you are telling your brain you are in danger, and thus creating chronic pain/symptoms – showing anywhere in the body. Yet the danger signal is a false alarm and causing a perpetual cycle of:

Fear > Brain’s Reaction > Pain > Fear

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Your chronic symptoms are REAL. Your body is speaking. Yet your solution is not in your body.

Your brain & nervous system being the governing message systems, also control your immune system function, your gut function, your circulatory system, your respiratory system. How these systems function have to do with the programming, the memories, the traumas, the experiences, all of the set points that have been put in place in your nervous system and brain.

Chronic pain and chronic symptoms start in the brain.

Our bodies WANT to be well. They WANT us to be healthy. They WANT us to be happy. But much of this wonderous biochemical ability is hindered by fear response in our nervous system. Our unruly thinking and attachments to past stories and our avoidance or inability of dealing with emotional/physical pain and trauma, creating chronic pain.

And.. the good news is – we ALL can change this!

Below is 1 short video done by renowned physician Dr. Howard Schubiner, wonderfully explaining the brain and pain relationship. Follow the link to see the other 6. Well worth your time.

With love & care, Trace
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