A Cold Plunge for a New Year!

…In the icy waters of Canada!

Happy New Year!! You made it! How are you beginning 2024?

I started the day and 2024 with a chilly dip to wash away the vibes of 2023 and gear up for a fresh beginning. I took a cold plunge into the icy waters off the coast of Vancouver Island, where I live. Yep, I kicked off the morning with the infamous polar bear swim – a tradition that’s caught on in many places. Nothing like diving into the cold embrace of the Pacific ocean to shake off the cobwebs and bid farewell to lingering angst and challenges, and set a new tone for the 2024! Yippee! 🌊❄️ 

Every year i make a personal declaration by picking one-word, which is my focus, my intention for the year.

Two years back, it was ‘breath’, as I focused on regulating my nervous system, and breathing properly. Last year, ‘embodiment’ – to practice to be in my body more.

Out of necessity, I dedicated 5+ years to serious (and important) matters — healing, health, and deep transformation. This included battling sneaky unconsious patterns – e-motional repression and disregulation, limiting beliefs. It turns out these are big contributors for my chronic physical ailments. I made way for a healthier and more resilient self by taking intentional steps to address and mend the wounds. It is still a work in progress, yet I am a more empowered person and the hero in my own healing saga. And, my physical symptoms have improved tremendously.

All that to say, this year, 2024 – I choose Fun!

I realized last night during a new year’s eve Shamanic ritual & dance that i need more fun. Joy, fun and playfulness are integral to healing and overall well-being – bringing it in regularly is crucial for a well-balance existence.  You are hearing it here first folks – time for a dose of good times!

Cheers to a playful 2024! 🎉. Maybe a weekly cold plunge could be fun…hmmmm.

cold plunge

For those who may not be aware, regular cold plunges bring a heap of health benefits. They work wonders in regulating our immune, circulatory, and nervous systems, among other key functions. Taking the plunge isn’t just invigorating; it’s a holistic tune-up for your body’s performance. So, why not dive in for some wellness?

cold plunge

Let’s heal together – the power is within you!

Innate Wisdom is dedicated to providing a holistic and empowering approach to healing from chronic symptoms and pain – offering healing, not treatment!

Innate Wisdom uses evidence backed mind-body therapies and practices that allows the client to be an active participant in their healing alongside my professional guidance. It was founded through the inspiration and success of my own healing journey from chronic symptoms. Nothing worked for years until I realized the cause is MindBody Syndrome (MBS), also called TMS or PPD, which is extremely common with chronic conditions of all sorts. And there’s good news – healing is totally doable! I will show you hope and results rather than hopelessness.

Together, we will pave the way for a more compassionate and effective approach to pain management.

May your journey be one of healing, understanding, and empowerment.

With love & care, Trace
Your Healing Coach & MindBodySpirit Practitioner


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